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Masterpiece in the spotlight

This month we have Mother Love by Lawrence Alma Tadema as ‘Masterpiece in the spotlight‘. The little work was originally part of an album of watercolour drawings that the members of the Hollandsche Teekenmaatschappij presented to Hendrik Willem Mesdag and his wife Sientje van Houten in 1881 on the occasion of their silver wedding.

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Note: This drawing is part of the exhibition ‘The Watercolour’.

Lawrence Alma Tadema (1836-1912)Mother Love1881, transparent watercolour on paperPrivate collection, Amersfoort

Lawrence Alma Tadema (1836-1912)
Mother Love

1881, transparent watercolour on paper
Private collection, Amersfoort

About the museum

The Mesdag Collection houses the exceptional collection of 19th-century art assembled by the renowned marine painter Hendrik Willem Mesdag and his wife Sientje Mesdag-van Houten. The collection, which contains a host of masterpieces by the French Barbizon School and the Hague School, has been exhibited in the Mesdags’ delightful private museum since 1887. Adjacent to the museum is the Mesdags’ former home, which can be hired for meetings and events.

The Mesdag Collection. Photography: René S. Gerritsen

Photography: René S. Gerritsen

At home with the Mesdags

In the late 19th century, the Mesdags held many leadership positions in the art world of The Hague. Hendrik Willem and Sientje served on numerous boards, organised parties and receptions and opened the doors of their own studios to the cultural elite. They also exhibited their own art collection in one of the first museums of contemporary art. Many photographs of their lives have been preserved. They include portraits, of course, but also beautiful views of their studios, their private quarters and the many social events that they organised. You can enjoy a semi-permanent presentation in their former residence, with reproductions of these historic photographs showing the many-faceted lives of this artist couple.

Read more about the presentation ‘At home with the Mesdags: Photographs of an artistic life‘.

Hendrik Willem Mesdag and Sientje Mesdag-van Houten, 1906

Hendrik Willem Mesdag and Sientje Mesdag-van Houten, 1906

Photo : O. Becker & J. Maas
De Mesdag Collectie, Den Haag


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Camille Corot (1796-1875) Chalk Rocks at Yport (detail)1872, Oil on canvas The Mesdag Collection The Hague

Camille Corot (1796-1875)
Chalk Rocks at Yport (detail)

1872, Oil on canvas
The Mesdag Collection The Hague